Sea Trek - Take a walk on the wild side!

If you can breath and walk, you can SEAtrek

2,5 hours (approx)
Bobby’s Marina, Philipsburg
Check-in location

Sea Trek St Maarten is the most incredible helmet fiving experience you will ever have! Experience the underwater world the safest & easiest way possible. There’s no training required and no swimming involved. First there will be a short safety & information briefing. On the Sea Trek Adventure you will discover shipwrecks, historical canon from Fort Amsterdam, a sunken Odyssey submarine & a variety of fish, corals and sea life. The staff will stay there with you all the times. The maximum depth is 20 feet. You can take a picture in the Pirate Jail and have a toast at the King Neptune Cafe! After the tour the photos will be available for purchase.

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Price includes

Included: complimentary drinks, all equipment, safety briefing, guide.

What to bring

Creditcard, money, swimwear



Additional Information

Minimum age is 8.

Check in time

Varies. Half hour before departure.

Departure time

Varies, request approximate time in comment

Check in location

Bobby's Marina, Philipsburg

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